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Lazy Susans Are Anything But!

on Apr 3, 2019

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This handy turntable was brought into use on American dining tables in the late 19th century. Eventually a smaller version was created to sit inside kitchen cabinets, forever moving the lives of oils and spices to the front of the pantry pecking-order. We were hoping to find a fun story behind the Lazy Susan nickname but its origins seem lost to history.

Benefits of a Lazy Susan

Turntables let give you front-of-cabinet access to a large group of items that would otherwise be hard to see and reach. Because you access from the front and don’t have to reach in the cabinet, they are ideal for folks who are shorter or have limited range of reaching motion.

What are they good for?

  • Supplements/medications
  • Oils/Sauces/Vinegars
  • Spices
  • Canned goods
  • Smaller loose items such as flavoring packets or teas

Some folks are lucky enough to have a giant Lazy Susan built into a corner base cabinet. These are great for small appliances but also pantry items. Special dividers can be added on these built-in shelves to help separate and organize smaller loose items.

Lots of Features and Styles

Turntables come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. Pick the style of turntable based on what kinds of items you’re trying to store.

  • Diameters range from 8” to 18”
  • Materials: plastic, solid metal, metal mesh, and wood.
  • Single or double tier
  • They come with no lip, a short lip or a tall lip
  • Some have rubberized surface
  • Built-in dividers or separate dividers you can add to any turntable

Think Beyond the Pantry

Turntables work well anywhere you have small/med size items you access frequently.

  • Fridge: condiments, snack items
  • Bathroom: makeup, face products
  • Art Studio: brushes, paints, glues, small tools
  • Garage: small hardware bits, lubricants

Consider pivoting to using Lazy Susans all over your home or office.

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