Professional and Certified, Home Organizers for the San Francisco Bay Area

Compassionate, creative team members

Our staff work as a strong team and have a passion for helping people realize their goals of a more organized home or less stressful move. We understand that the work is way more about the person involved than their “stuff”. We are non-judgmental, patient, and strive to improve with every job.

The work involves a lot of responsibility, patience, attention to detail, and creative problem-solving. We are Senior Move Managers and Professional Organizers. You’ll work with a team of dedicated people who will humble you daily with their work ethic, professionalism, and caring nature. There is a lot of variety in this job which makes it fun and fulfilling!

You must be available to work 3-5 days/week between the hours of 9 and 5, Monday-Friday and some weekends. Depending on our schedule, you will normally work between 10-20 hours per week. Please note that there are no guaranteed hours, and you have control over your own schedule.

If these statements describe you, you may be a great candidate for our team:

  • I have a pleasant, friendly demeanor
  • I am flexible and take direction easily
  • I can work independently or as part of the team as the situation requires
  • I am detail oriented, and a creative problem solver
  • I have the stamina to spend 6-8 hours unpacking and organizing – sometimes in dirty conditions
  • I can lift 20 lbs or more
  • I am email proficient and comfortable using computers
  • I have reliable transportation to get to/from/in-between jobs
  • I am compassionate and non-judgmental
  • I am authorized to work in the US and can pass a background check
  • I am available to work Mon-Friday, and 1-2 Saturday’s/mo
  • I am willing to work 10-20 hours/week
  • I understand that there are no guaranteed hours, and that my schedule is flexible. I can work with that kind of flexibility.

DMA Organizing & Moves provides extensive training, a flexible schedule, and opportunities for advancement within the company. We serve clients in most of Alameda County and West Contra County.

To be considered, please email the following info. Use the subject line: I’m Interested!

Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
What interests you about this position:
What qualifies you for this position:
Tell me about your ability to work in a team environment:
Tell me about your experience working with seniors:
What city do you live in?

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