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Move Management

Whether moving due to an impending remodel, downsizing, or major life change, moves are incredibly stressful. We help with strategizing, space planning, packing, and unpacking.

We’ve all done it at one time in our lives and it is extremely stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! DMA Organizing provides comprehensive move management services. From decluttering to packing to managing all the pieces of the move to unpacking in your new home, we handle it all. We can be as involved as you need, or only handle small pieces of the entire process. We know it’s a stressful time and we help hold your hand and provide expertise, guidance, and support so that you could focus on the important things… Like making sure that you and your family have a smooth transition into a new home.


things are really good ! I love the systems you helped me setup. This move out was the most seamless and effortless move out I’ve ever had in my life ! I will keep these systems alive and well in my new home in Washington D.C.
~ Sterling, supply storage and filing system set up
I was hesitant to use the services of a professional organizer; now I can’t imagine having done this move without you!
~ Laurie, declutter move prep, new home assessment, packing supervision and new home unpack.

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