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Dana was extremely professional during my organizing planning session with her. She listened carefully to our family’s needs, took notes and ultimately left me with a plan to get the house more organized. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.
Eileen D
OMG, I could never have made this extremely difficult transition without Dana and her fantastic organizers. I truly mean this! Having lived in a wonderful neighborhood and home for over forty years, I have acquired way too much “stuff”. The process Dana, and her gentle and caring staff, have used to move me along, has been remarkable! They continually worked at my pace, all the while not judging my choices or pushing me to discard or keep one single item. They held my hand, when I needed it..took breaks to listen to me cry, and made sure I had eaten when I had forgotten. They are angels that come in and help make sense of a life changing while reluctance and resistance are often the dominant feelings. In fact, I feel like I have made friends forever with Andrea, Reem and Dana, who have been there for me in ways I would never have expected. A difficult and sometimes painful process, was made so much easier with them guiding me along the way. Every recommendation they made for people to help me, I.e. hauling, moving, gardening, even a fantastic chiropractor, when the stress decided to take over parts of my body, were point on. I wish I could give them ten ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘S. because I never could have made this move without each and every one of them.
Michaele T
My wife and I are moving across the country in two months. Dana helped us get a strategy on how make the project of packing our overstuffed and disorganized apartment easier and more efficient. We talked about moving and the difficult choices on what to bring and what to leave behind. I really liked that just from our first meeting we had a written plan. I went from having no idea how to take on such a big project to feeling confident that we can make it happen. I highly recommend Dana!
Liz J
Dana gave me brilliant suggestions for organizing every space and category in my home. I learned so much in 1.5 hours, and am excitedly implementing the strategies, big and small. She was a joy to work with and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!
Jessica L
DMA Organizing is synonymous with easy solutions. Whether DMA does all the organizing, works with you, or just gives you ideas you will find less clutter is a new way of living.
Sydney M
Dana teaches, encourages, and supports during the process of organizing and decluttering. I could not have made the changes to my home that I have without her. I am forever grateful to her.
Candy K
Dana is THE BEST! I have worked with various organizers over the years, always hoping to find one who I would feel truly comfortable with. Finally – I found Dana. She is IT. She GETS how I think and offers solutions. If you are like me, someone who NEEDS help with papers. clutter, overwhelm, needs SYSTEMS that make sense – Dana is IT. Where IS that medical bill I THOUGHT I paid? Maybe I DIDN’T pay it? Oh YES, I put it in the file Dana set up for me! AHA!) – you won’t find anyone better.
Ellen H
Dana & her team are amazingly professional, caring & thorough. They helped my mother with a long anticipated & stressful move with the utmost care & attention to detail. Look no further than DMA Organizing for your organizing & move needs – they are the best!
Jenn T
I HIGHLY recommend DMA Organizing!

I am a business owner and since Dana came to our office, everything is so much more organized!! In the past things ended up being on our desk because we weren’t sure where to place them, really quick it became a big pile that we couldn’t remember what is in that pile. Now, EVERYTHING has a HOME and NOTHING ends up being wondering around our desk and getting lost or forgotten.

During the assessment, Dana was very friendly, especially a good listener and offered a few solutions for every problem we had. She made sure that things that are handy and are used often are easily accessible and things that we don’t use often are out of the way, but still has a place, so we will know where to find them.

The organizing process was WAY FASTER than what we have expected!

After having her organizing our front desk, we right away called her back to help us with organizing more things such as our storage room and filing system.

Shira Y
Dana is amazing! She has terrific suggestions to make spaces more functional and integrated while keeping things organized and uncluttered. She redesigned a closet, reconfigured the kids rooms and a messy office. She listens and provides so much clarity.
Von H
I love DMA organizing. Dana helped me years back get my cluttered desk organized. There’s still so much I learned that I put into practice. Now that I’ve moved back to the Bay Area I’ll be calling on her again to help me organize my home office.
Patricia L
Dana is extremely professional in her approach to helping people get organized. She is clear and concise and totally non judgemental in her assessment. That was really helpful in being able to look objectively on what the job was going to take. She has a great feel for what she is doing and extremely creative in her ideas of how to approach your particular situation. Don’t hesitate to call her with your organizing needs!
Patricia S
I love DMA organizing!! Dana was flexible in our scheduling and came to my home at 8 am on a Friday for a 2 hour assessment. I found Dana to be non-judgmental, professional, and experienced in organizing. We went through every pocket of each room to assess issues I experienced in space and talk about what could be better. Afterwards, Dana shared tools and an organizing checklist unique to my home and my needs. and I am now working to implement her ideas.

Dana is a space genius — I will be sure to call her again if I have a new home.

Stacey M
I am so grateful to Dana for all the help she has given me– she finds a way to increase the OUTFLOW of my clutter every time she comes– and she’s willing to actually take it away in her car. That last step is always hardest to do on my own… I appreciate how she’s willing to get her hands dirty and just dig into projects with me- calmly and doggedly! She says just the right thing at the right time to convince me to finally let go of stuff. Also invaluable is her ability to re-think the furniture placement and general space-useage so that the stuff I want to keep is better utilized and less crazy-making. Dana is awesome.
Jean L

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