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Paper & Digital Organizing

Despite the promises of the digital age, many households still struggle with piles of papers taking up precious space on kitchen counters, dining tables, and desks.  Managing the flow of tasks, bills, school papers, schedules, resources, and upcoming events can be completely overwhelming.

The key to effective paper management is to have a strong active paper system (the “to-do’s”) working in conjunction with a sound filing system.  One of the most important things we teach our clients is exactly what kind of papers need to be kept, why, and for how long.

Yay! My life has vastly improved since we set up the new filing system.
~ Alison, paper management, home office organizing.

The product  we most often use for clients’ papers is Freedom Filer®. The beauty of this system is it’s design – every section has an outflow mechanism built into it so you never have to plan for some mythical big block of time to “purge” your filing cabinet after years of paper inflow.


We also design email and electronic filing systems to complement the flow of paper through the household.

The Freedom Filer system is fantastic and easy to move when I evacuated. Everything I needed was there. I love it!
~ Kathleen, wildfire evacuee

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